Where to eat in Amman!

Luckily, I’ve spent a decent amount of time in Amman because of my work. I’ve gotten to discover this small country many times and each trip I stumble upon new gems. Here’s a collection of my favorite places to eat. If you’re visiting the Middle East and are looking for some healthier/lighter food options, here’s an entire list of healthy Amman eats! And of course, if you’re in Jordan you have to read over our favorite attractions and things to do while in Jordan. 

Azkadenyamust order cheese rolls with fig jam. Trendy restaurant on Mecca Street with delicious food, vintage style and a sense of humor. I love this place because it’s everything you want Middle Eastern food to be with a tasteful twist. Try it and thank me later!


Shams Al Balad – staple Amman stop for tourists and locals. Arguably the best, freshest breakfast you can get your hands on in Amman. If you’re lucky, you’ll visit when they have local artisans selling authentic home Jordanian pieces – it’s like eating and shopping wrapped in one. All comes with a view and a sneak peak of eL Seed‘s graffiti.


Sufra Restaurant – meaning dinning room table in Arabic, is a homey place to get authentic Jordanian food. Perfectly located in the busiest street of Amman – Rainbow Street. Try their fukharat which is a tajine style cooked meal (I loved the Kofta Tahini one). Everything is really well done, especially their fresh in house bread. & if the weather is suitable ask to be seated in their cozy outdoor terrace.


Cloud International Cuisine – fine dinning vibes on a rooftop terrace in the Boulevard. Enjoy an assortment of international cuisine, beautiful food displays and interesting cooking methods. I got the beef tenderloin which ended up being cooked at the table on a heated stone block with pink himalayan salt.


Free the Fork! – when the motto is Devour with an Attitude, you know this place has a kick to it. If you’re finding yourself in deep need for a good taco, head to Abdali and grab a Jordanian styled messy mossakhan or grilled fish taco.


Fatatry – taking up a small corner on Rainbow street, come to Fatatry for authentic Egyptian style feteer or an enclosed pizza pastry – try it savory or sweet! Freshly made to order. If you opt not to sit at Fatatry, grab your feteera to go and sit across the street to get a great view of the city.


Copas Central  if you’re looking for a chill spot to grab a drink and enjoy some outdoor seating, Copas is perfect. Take a break from traditional Jordanian/Middle Eastern food and indulge in some warm latin influenced meals – especially the Seafood Paella!! The ambience is modern and very comfortable.


Blue Fig – stepping away from traditional food, Blue Fig is a contemporary restaurant that features regional dishes each month (Cuban, Thai, American, etc.) The food is impeccable!


Zajal – a downtown secret restaurant. Not really a secret but you must be intuitive enough to hike up the the picturesque umbrella stairs and find the entrance carved into the side. Great all you can eat breakfast buffet and an indoor swing for children … or adults if you are inclined.


Have you missed something? Drop a comment with your favorite places to eat in Amman so we feature them. Or post them online and tag us at #tayramuse

Will continue to add to this list as Amman’s food scene is ever growing! 

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