Discover Dahab

After years of wondering, I finally got a chance to discover the hidden gem of Egypt myself: Dahab. Here’s the nitty gritty of what to do, see and where to eat!


Travel Suggestions

First off, people always ask if Sinai is safe for travel. The easy answer is, yes – it’s safe! The more complicated response is it’s as safe as you make it, so stick to group activities, don’t wander far from downtown, and use common sense. Now, how does one get to Dahab? The best way to reach this hippy beach hub is to fly directly to the Sharm El Sheikh airport and take a taxi for one hour to downtown Dahab. The cab ride cost 300 LE (standard price).


The Hotel Situation

Neptune Hotel: I stayed at Neptune the entirety of the 5 days. Prime location in the middle of the boardwalk and 30 second access to car entry way to any Dahab activities. A bit primitive, but part of the authentic Dahab experience. 


For next time, I would stay Monica Hotel (further inside the boardwalk), Planet Hotel, or Gargabeta boutique. More hotel like and picturesque, but not as central as Neptune! 


What not to miss – take a long stroll along both sides of the boardwalk. I mean a long stroll. 20 minutes each side and you’ll discover a whole new taste. If you’re facing the water and go towards the left, all the way past the restaurants and a handful of abandoned hotels you’ll reach a stretch of beautiful wall art.


Where to Eat

  1. Shark: Excellent grilled seafood (namely Denise fish & grilled shrimp) but sides/soup was not all that. Cool seating area as well, very comfortable and right on the beach.
  2. Jackie’s: Definitely not the best burrito I’ve ever had, but the best fresh juices, cocktails and ambience is worth sitting for at least 30 minutes. Plus you get to wear a Sombrero!Dahab-9Dahab-17
  3. Churchill’s: Rooftop bar, the local divers’ spot really. Grab your drink on the way up, as there is not table service on the roof.
  4. Athanor: Minimalist coffee house and Pizzeria. Dahab-25.jpg
  5. Friends: Equal to Shark Restaurant in that they have great food but not everything was tasty. Fish was well done, butterfly grilled shrimp was delish!

Where to Hang

  1. Everyday Café: Go early in the morning (8 a.m.) you’ll be the only one there, you can take photos freely, explore the rooftop and play around with the props. Also worth visiting at night where they have live band/music shows. Dahab-3Dahab-35
  2. Al Khan: Who wouldn’t want to swim over the sea? Another favorite, feel the breeze from the ocean in this open air café while enjoying a colorful ambience. Also great at night time with music, shisha and sweets! Dahab-32Dahab-36
  3. Shells: Cool beach entry café, you can lay on the chaise long, grab a bite or fresh juice or just dive into the water. It’s all right there!
  4. NuNu’s: Like Shells, NuNu’s has easy access to the beach area as well as nice rooftop seating.

Activities (&prices!)

Rock Climbing at Wadi Gnai/Qnai (300LE) with several options for beginners, intermediate and experts!


Day trip to Abu Galom & Blue Hole (200 LE) including boat ride to Blue Lagoon.


Underwater viewing (100 LE) boat with 5-meter depth of viewing area to see corals (not super worth it, you don’t get to see that many corals/fish.


Kayak in the middle of downtown swimming area (50LE)


Snorkel or Dive in the Blue Lagoon/Abu Galom (30LE for snorkeling goggles). & don’t worry the jellyfish are not harmful!



  • Brings enough cash to get around. Egypt is not expensive, so I wouldn’t imagine needing more than $250 for a week trip including activities & hotel. But it was definitely a challenge finding ATMs that worked!
  • Venture into the bazar and haggle in the shops! You can easily find authentic bedouin pieces for very cheap, just shop smartly.
  • Do not fall for the trap that is: Ramez & Paola’s. Besides serving the soggiest plate of Pasta, the chef was extremely rude – constantly yelling at staff and kicked a guest out of the restaurant for taking photos.

Overall, Dahab is a beautiful destination – perfect for relaxing, safe, and shows you an entirely new side of Egypt. Make sure to tag #Tayaramuse in your photos so we can follow your journey!


14 thoughts on “Discover Dahab

  1. Mirette Azmy says:

    Thanks for your beautiful blog 🙂 I wanted to ask a bit more about the transportation is it available there for a group of 7 people, is it easy to Wadi Gnai, Abu Galloum…etc, and is it expensive?
    Thanks in advance


  2. Kasia says:

    Great info. Thank you! I’m going to Dahab on Saturday.
    May I ask you about taxi from the airport Sharm to Dahab? Did you book it through your hotel or you catch the taxi on the airport. My Hotel in Dahab offer me transfer for $30.


  3. Matt says:

    If you find yourself back in Dahab, I’d highly recommend going to Same Same and getting their version of Om Ali – easily the best dessert I had in Dahab, if not all of Egypt. The more traditional Egyptian food from places like YumYum and King Chicken are definitely worth checking out as well.

    I recently did some diving in Dahab, too, and would highly recommend The Canyon and El Bells for this. If you’re interested in seeing any photos of how much life there is when you get a little deeper than you can see from the boat rides, I’ve got a post about it here:


  4. jordinjordinsjourneyscom says:

    So much to see and do! I would love to take the boat ride or snorkel. I know my boyfriend would be all over the rock climbing.


  5. Medha Verma says:

    There is so much to see and do in Egypt that I know when I go, it’ll have to be at least for 2 weeks! Sinai looks pretty awesome, the coast in Egypt is gorgeous! Love the beautiful blue waters and thanks for clarifying that it is quite safe to travel to Sinai as long as you’re in groups and don’t wander too far off from downtown. Everyday Café looks seriously cool!


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