Greece, island hopping at it’s best.

Now, I went to Greece a few years back. But some places just stand out that I had to jot them down. Here is the full itinerary, how to get around, and where to go!

Be ready to island hop – and they certainly aren’t close to each other. Make sure to pack comfortably for the ferry boats (small pillow will be handy). Look up the ferry times before you get to Athens, they have very specific departure times and you’ll need to factor in waiting time to get the actual ticket & boarding. We decided that our best itinerary was starting in Athens > Santorini/Oia > Mykonos > Athens.


If you purchase your tickets ahead of time (recommended during busy seasons), for Blue Star you’ll be able to pick up your tickets at the Blue Star agent at the ferry port.  

You can check the ferry timetables ahead of time  & book them either at FantasticGreece or GreeceFerries



We only stayed one full day and night to make sure we got to our next destination on time. And glad we did, there wasn’t a lot to do where we were, so be sure to pick a location that’s close the market or the train station. An Airbnb or hotel close to a busy street will do you good!


Where to Stay

Greece is super foreign friendly, so a hostel is a good option. We stayed at Fivos Hostel which was perfectly located. Very close to most of the sightseeing we did in Athens.

What to Do

Market – get to downtown Athens and walk around, grab souvenirs, fresh coconuts, and plenty of restaurants options.


Acropolis & Parthenon – everything was under construction so we didn’t get the most remarkable photos. But the views were everything. Beautiful walk up.


We took the Athens Happy Train around Enapeh and got to see the Olympic Stadium at night time (beautifully lit would definitely recommend seeing it at night time).



The ferry was packed and absolutely ginormous. It was certainly not the most comfortable ride, close to 8 hours of travel. Once we got to the Island we realized that it’s best to rent a car to get around.


Where to Stay

Villa Manos was everything we dreamed of and more. Amazing hosts, breakfast and views. You’ll have access to the pool which is perfectly warm and a sunset view. It’s budget friendly and not directly downtown, so you’ll need to find a way over there but for the price it was worth it. Renting a car eliminates this problem!


What to Do

Cable Car & Donkey ride – take the cable car down the side of the cliff. The bottom there is the Golden Sunset Cafe where you can rest and grab a drink. Once you’re ready go back up the Caldera, pay a few euros to ride the donkeys then you’ll reach Fira. Quite a wobbly ride but very fun – make sure to be treat the donkeys gently as the trip gets exhausting for them.


Drive to Oia – this is where the magic is happening. You get the best sunset views, full panoramic of the sea and the Volcano.


Beaches! This is where the car comes in. We drove pretty far from downtown to reach some remote beaches. We visited Kamari the black sand beach – it wasn’t the type of beach you want to throw yourself into, but the drive over was very scenic and enjoyable.


Three Bells of Fira – arguably the singular reason most people visit Santorini. Well at least, it makes for the best pictures. But that’s the catch. We parked underneath the church and could not figure out how to get high enough to take a picture of it from afar. Perhaps we got too close? We never go the shot, but the church is beautiful.


Where to Eat

Papagalos Restaurant – great seafood and an excellent location. This is in Oia, where you get that breathtaking sunset view. And very close to many shops around.



[four hour ferry ride from Santorini] Once we checked in, we realized pretty quickly that we needed to rent a moped/motorcycle from Roussos Rentals because it was the easiest way to get around and reach some remote beaches without too many tourists.

Where to Stay

Andriani’s Guest House – another perfectly located guesthouse and beautiful décor. Overlooking downtown Mykonos, but tucked away from the busy the streets.


What to Do

Kato Mili Windmills – you aren’t going to miss these. They’re right there at the edge of little Venice.


Little Venice & Matoyianni Street- get the perfect pano shot of little Venice and the water, but make sure to walk through the streets.


Church of Paraportiani – an all white breathtaking church in Hora. Make sure to venture around this church, you’ll find plenty of boutiques and shopping.


Just WALK! Everything is pretty. Everything is picture worthy. Discover this island, and get lost.


Super Paradise Beach – we drove to Super Paradise, which was supposedly very popular but to our surprise we were the only ones there & it was perfect. There is a Kalua cafe that kept us occupied.


Where to Eat

Mykonos is expensive, considering the heavy flow of tourists that come through each year. We tried to be budget friendly, but sometimes got trapped into paying a lot of money for very little food. Here’s a list of the best places to enjoy a meal and not the break the bank.

Katrina’s Cocktail Bar – As you dive into Little Venice, you must must must stop at Katrina’s and make sure to get outdoor seating since you’ll literally be eating over the water!


Break Snack & Coffee – we discovered this perfect breakfast on the go spot and pretty much went every morning. It’s very reasonable, with an in house bakery and fresh pastries.

Semeli – very relaxing pit stop for refreshments and dinner and of course ocean view.


Bakalo Greek Eatery – this is expensive. I’m just going to preface with: I paid 25 euros for four large shrimps. But it was delicious. If you aren’t very hungry and willing to spend bucks, then check this out.

Yummy still hungry from above meal, we stopped at Yummy and got delicious crepes! They also have waffles and sandwiches.


Scorpios Mykonos – the ultimate beach party, music, food & dancing. This is at its prime during sunset and into the night.


180 Sunset Bar – another perfect beachy lounge with Moroccan bean puffs for seating and the perfect panoramic view.


Galleraki – if you’re looking for a place to DANCE, this is it! It was the busiest club on the island with great music and vibes.

Murphys’ bar – a whole in the wall with music and drinks. Lots of tourists so it wasn’t our favorite. But something to check out nonetheless.


One thought on “Greece, island hopping at it’s best.

  1. Travel Girl says:

    Great post! I l really like your tips. I seem to have missed some great places.. Greek island hopping is my favourite adventure every time I visit Greece. I went to Mykonos at the end of May and I totally loved it. Can’t wait to try it again soon!!! ❤


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