Cairo Food Guide: Zamalek Edition

Zamalek, for a while, had a strong hold on partying, restaurants, outings & all. In recent years, it’s lost that grip as more & more establishments are being opened on the outskirts (6th of October & 5th Settlements). Despite that, it is still home to some of my favorite places to go. If you’re looking for lesser known parts of Cairo, check out our Cairene Tourist guide!


Zooba – it’s literally the cleanest (healthiest) Egyptian street food you’ll find. Wholesome food & fresh ingredients with a gourmet spin. Get some classic Hawashy or Koushary. You will not regret it.


Lilly’s – Boutique style restaurant, limited seating but worth getting in there. The food is exceptional and the portions are hefty.


Left Bank – a sucker for ambience. If you’re looking for something like Sequoia but cheaper, this is it. Same beautiful views, only 5 feet away from each other, good food & an easy social/study space.


Holm – much like a tea house, Holm serves as a working/study space & very home like. Take your shoes off, kick back on their couch and grab some fresh ginger tea or refreshments.



Sequoia – the cutest corner of Egypt, you are here for the view. Outdoor seating, cozy setting and great food. You can never go wrong with Sequoia. It does fill up quick for dinner so grab a reservation if you can.


O’s Pasta – stop at this little Italian restaurant and get all the pasta you crave! Taking a slim corner of Baehler’s Mansions this tiny hole in the wall serves the delicious carb in all its forms.ZamalekRestaurant-6ZamalekRestaurant-28ZamalekRestaurant-31

Marriott Hotel Garden – a historic hotel built in 1869 to serve as a guesthouse during the opening of the Suez Canal. You wouldn’t think that one could just waltz into a hotel and get this kind of luxurious feeling without being a guest. Well, at the Marriot you can. With some great views and a perfect combination of oriental vibes, modern décor and preserved history.


Ahwak – this restaurant is a lot like being at your grandmother’s house. The decor is oldish and a bit dark but it’s a great place for dinning. The food is just superb.


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