Ma’in Hot Springs: an overnight trip into the oasis

The Ma’in springs are the definition of therapeutic leisure. The area is a series of waterfalls and hot springs located between Madaba and the Dead Sea. The springs range in temperatures from 40° to 60° C (104-140° F) depending on the season and other factors. The beautiful scenery is located 264m below sea level. The falls originate from rainfalls in the highlands and eventually feed the springs in the valley. The water itself contains elements with healing properties, including sodium, calcium, chloride, radon, hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide.


Where to Stay

This is easy as there is only one hotel that hosts overnight guests at the springs: the Ma’in Hot Springs Resort & Spa (Hamamat Ma’in). It’s quite arguably the most serene hotel I’ve ever been to. The decor itself is relaxing and the atmosphere is perfect for a weekend away from the busy city. If you plan on spending the night, use this link to get a discount through


The rooms are cozy, and if you’re lucky you’ll end up with these views.


If you stay the night, you’ll get breakfast served on the terrace. The options are endless, and scenery is the perfect start to the day.


This oasis is everything you can dream of and more, it’s the perfect combination of all elements: water, mountains & greenery. I don’t think the photos do it justice, so you must just visit yourself!


Breakdown of the Falls

The Hotel Spring Pool- a few months ago there was a disturbance in the source of the waterfalls which caused rock formations to fall down below on the pool. The resort created this offset spring that is much safer for use and with the same warm results! Don’t miss it anytime, you’ll get a completely different vibe.


The Public Pool – if you opt to visit Ma’in and not stay at the resort, you can purchase a day pass for the public pool and public springs. I didn’t get to see the public springs, but the pool is your typical swimming area with the bonus of the views.


Cascade Spa – the spa is a separate entity than the hotel, but work hand in hand if you need to book relaxing massages or access their thermal pool. You can get a day pass to the spa alone if you’d like, or just enter the pool area for 38 JDs.


Now onto the grand finale, which is the clear skies of Madaba in the midst of mountainous Jordan. This is a shot around midnight, with a perfect view of the stars and little Mars shining through.


& since you’re in Jordan already, make sure to check out our full guide on traveling through Jordan. 

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