Keeping up with healthy eating in Amman

There is something about the feeling you get when you can choose anything from a menu without worrying about its’ ingredients, or comprising your health or eating habits.

I’ve found myself in situations where I’ve had to compromise between consuming whatever is available now and dealing with the circumstances later – simply because there are meager options. For me dairy is a huge agitator but my love for fettuccine surpasses the discomfort.

Whether a healthy eater, avid dieter, or medically restricted from eating certain foods – here is your guide to Amman’s top selections of healthy eats, nutritious food, and delicious flavors.

Primal – the entire menu is lactose free & gluten free. I mean it does not get any better than that if you’re looking for healthy food variations and substitutions. It’s the type of food you eat and feel light. The little garden, the music, the décor are an added bonus to this hole in the wall Paleolithic decadence.


Seed – finish eating at Primal and cross the street to grab a refreshing detox juice from Seed. It’s really that simple, a combination of fruits/vegetables giving you the perfect boost for the day.


Mr. Lollies – onto dessert, I’ve stopped in this shop at least 5 times. I don’t have a sweet tooth but the colors of these lollies are so intriguing. Finally I grabbed my own Lollie – & it was worth it! They have base fruit flavored sorbets (dairy free!) & a select few creamy options like chocolate and lotus flower. You can also dip them in an assortment of glazes & add toppings.


Wild Jordan – wholesome cuisine, great vegetarian/GF options, almost everything is organic. You’ll get a perfect view overlooking the old city of Amman. The only downside is that the full menu is only served downstairs & not on the terrace. You will however get to enjoy some refreshing healthy juices and a menu of Saj upstairs.

Wild Jordan2Wild Jordan4Wild Jordan3Wild Jordan

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