As-Salt: A historical day trip from Amman

DSC_5094Preserving an old era, this historic city used to be part of the highway that connected Jordan to Palestine. Situated close to 1000 meters above sea level, As-Salt is predominately built on three main hills. They’re filled with mustard colored homes, narrow streets and many stairs – the city is full of undiscovered corners.


To continue honoring it’s deeply rooted history, the As-Salt Municipality established the Salt Heritage Trail. Start at the Historic Old Salt Museum right on the main road or ask for Abu Jaber House!


Hammam Street – stroll down As-Salt’s oldest commercial zone which continues to be a thriving market for your every day needs and trinkets from Jordan.


Al Jada’a Lookout – make sure to take it all in. At every turn and every corner you’ll get the most precious views of the hills and beyond.


Wander the streets and not just the trail, you’ll be surprised to see that even unmarked buildings carry so much character.

Dig deep enough and reach a street long mural of graffiti.

If you’re planning on doing the trail (which is a must!), use this helpful map to guide you around the city!

On the way out, towards Amman stop at Oriental Cafe & Restaurant to get the most perfect panorama of Amman.


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