What to do in La Jolla, San Diego?

Oh La Jolla. Here’s your full guide to La Jolla, what to do, what to see and where to eat! There’s so much to do at this coastline city that you’ll be overwhelmed with animal companions, fun activities and beautiful scenery. If you’re looking to spend a few days in San Diego check out this 4 day itinerary (live soon). 


The west coast has so much to offer, that sometimes I forget that I can get the same overseas vibes right here in the US. La Jolla, originally means “the jewel”, a name dubbed by the Spanish settlers sometime in the 1700s. And a jewel it is, located just 20 minutes north from Downtown San Diego.

Start off at the shore.

Seal Rock at La Jolla Shores Park – Have your camera and inner strength ready to get up close and personal to some wild seals.


Children’s Pool – Be greeted by tens of pelicans not children. Long ago, this was called the children’s pool as it was secluded from harsh waves. Now home to pelicans and passer by-ers on the pier.


Walk through Kellogg Park.


Just a few feet away is the hidden Sunny Jim’s Cave. The entrance is deceiving, as you have to walk into a souvenir shop to get to the cave. But you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise after the steep hike downwards!


Take a stroll through downtown La Jolla for some boutiques, snacks, art galleries and museums. Mostly, I was interested in the architecture and the buildings themselves.


You can stop by for a bite at the long time favorite George’s at the Cove. Or head to Avienda de la Playa for less touristy food options. There are a ton of options here. My favorites are:

  • Shore Rider’s Bar – if you’re looking for yummy Tacos or an assortment of Mexican cuisine, stop by at Rider’s bar in La Jolla. You won’t regret it! I got a gigantic shrimp burrito and it did not disappoint.
  • Shorehouse Kitchen – breakfast for dinner? This is your place.
  • Scoops – pretty self explanatory. Hit up scoops for some delicious dessert.

Next head to the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve and enjoy 2,000 acres right on the coast and a designed 8-mile trail. I really enjoyed the Ho Chi Minh Trail or more commonly named the La Jolla Trail. The trail is mostly made up of sandstone which crumbled pretty easily, but once you get through the first mile of tight nooks and jump over a few creeks it’s a breeze to Black’s Beach. 


Finish off your day by gliding across the coast Torrey Pines Gliderport. I thought it was a bit too costly, so instead I just laid on the grass and watched the glides take off into the sunset.


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