How to spend 3 days in Dubai and see everything!

How to spend 3 days in Dubai and see everything!

Despite being a small emirate, Dubai is gigantic and things tend to be a little further than expected. Follow this itinerary to clump together the must-see destinations by location.

No itinerary is going to do Dubai justice, but with a thorough plan ahead you can certainly cross off the top attractions. Planning to see things that are close to each other is key; follow this itinerary to get the most out of your stay!


Arabian Tea House

Start the day at this hidden gem. Make sure to go to the Bastakiya Branch located on the edge of the Fahidi Neighborhood. What’s Fahidi? Keep reading.


Fahidi Historical Neighborhood (Bastakiya Quarters)

Overshadowed by the city’s modern skyscrapers, is this peaceful slice of Dubai, one that reflects you the true history of the emirate and gives you a glance of how the city looked like back in the day. This heritage site remains one my favorite stops in Dubai for its authenticity and for being the photography haven that it is.


From there, walk through a pedestrian path to reach the abra (boat) station.

Dubai Creek & the Historical Souqs

Head to the Dubai Creek and take a abra across the water to reach the historical souqs. In mid day this area can get really crowded and traffic coming in is a hassle. This is why it’s important to head to the souq in the morning.


The souqs are filled with opportune shops for souvenirs, gold, spices, unique clothing pieces and beautiful architecture.


The Frame

Visit the architectural landmark in Zabeel Park offering a unique vantage point of Dubai through its gold plated observation tower.


La Mer Beach

A blissful venture at Dubai’s eclectic beachfront. The art is endless. The view is breathtaking. & you’re by the beach!


Lunch Break

Either have lunch at La Mer at one of its many top-quality restaurants on the beach like The Duchess, or head to Farzi Café at City Walk and get closer to your next stop.

The Duchess at La Mer – I read online that this is the online version of Breakfast at Tiffany’s and quite frankly – it is.


Farzi Café at City Walk – Enjoy decadent Indian dishes with a contemporary twist and magnificent presentation.


Green Planet

Need a friendly eco-space to enjoy nature? Green Planet recreates a world of a tropical forest stemming around a central manmade tree. Interact with a plethora of species from bats, to sloths to toucans and turtles.


Burj Khalifa

An hour or two before the sunset get to Burj Khalifa. Enjoy the stunning views from up top and make your way down at sunset. The dancing fountain starts around 6 p.m. This is the perfect time to witness the magic of the fountains and get a glimpse of the lit towers at night.


Call it a night or head to VIDA Pool Lounge to enjoy a relaxing break by the pool.



The Miracle Gardens

Beat the lines to this massive flower garden in Duabiland. Home to more than 50 million blooming flowers dispersed around the garden and showcased in impressive life-sized sculptures & designs.


Nadi Al Quoz – Alserkal Avenue

Within minutes, this off the beaten path destination became my favorite pit stop of all time. Don’t expect anything more than pure relaxation. Its surreal atmosphere invites those looking for a break from the busy city.


Grab a bite at Wild & the Moon

Just a few steps away is this all vegetarian/vegan hole in the wall the offers everything from snacks, decadent salads and sesame ice cream. They follow the simple belief that food should be good for you, good for the planet and above all delicious. & they certainly deliver.


Madinat Jumeireh

This luxury resort is a tourist must. Walk through the labyrinths of the indoor souq and purchase a ticket to abra ride through the narrow rivers of the resort and peak a gorgeous view of Burj Al Arab.


Jumeireh Al Qasr Hotel

Designed in the style of a Sheikh’s residence is an impressive stop. Be greeted by gold horse statues, beautiful views of Madinat Jumeireh from afar and luxurious décor.


Jumeireh Beach Residence

Take a stroll to JBR located in the heart of the Dubai Marina. Think of this as walking down a boardwalk, with the beach to the side and hundreds of shops and restaurants along the coast. If you’re feeling adventurous, take a 20-minute flight up the flying cup! & most importantly capture the street art along the strip.


Marina Walk

If you’re looking for a really cool photo of the sky rises, the Marina walk will deliver. Take a promenade and wander the Marina Yacht Club surrounded by cafes and shops.


Rooftop Pool Experience

Wrap up day two and enjoy a relaxing day at one of Dubai’s many infinity pools. Check out the Sofitel Downtown, or for a more budget friendly option go to Gevora Hotel.



We’ve jam packed everything to do in the city of Dubai in two notorious sightseeing days. Now, on day three venture out into the depths of the sahara and plan a tour of Dubai’s most iconic activity.

There are hundreds of these tours available, so I’m going to tell you what to expect!

You’re going to flying over dunes in 4X4s for a solid hour at least, and then you’ll reach your campsite where the true desert experience begins. The slopes are harsh, so be ready for a bumpy ride and dress comfortably.


Greeted by wonderful local Bedouins, you’ll begin your adventure with a bit of assimilating to the environment; it’s inhabitants and their movements.


Somewhere along the tour, you’ll get a chance to ride camels, enjoy some Emirati tea, belly dancing and an enormous feast.


Of course, the photo-ops are endless. Gaze at the sun as it sunsets behind the hills of soft sand.


Additional time? Extra days?

Take a day trip to the impeccable Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, full details will be posted soon.


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