9 Things To Do in Trinidad, Cuba

Trinidad is a small post-colonial styled city with a ton of activities. Narrow cobblestone streets, painted homes, beautiful greens and communal dance parties. & this is everything you need to know to prep your trip to Trinidad. And since you’re planning adventures in Cuba, don’t miss out on all things to do when in Havana. 


How to Get There

Cuba has a thriving informal economy exacerbated by the influx of tourists is recent years. Our Airbnb host in Havana secured a private taxi for us to travel to Trinidad. It was $200 for the car (two passengers) and about a 4 hour ride.


Where to Stay

We didn’t have to book anything in advance, once you get to the main city there are dozens of Casa Particulars, where you can easily pop in and reserve a room for the night for as low as $15. Homes accepting guests (hostel style) have this sign outside:


What to Do

Plaza Mayor & Bell Tower – you can’t miss this. Trinidad is very small and right in the middle of the plaza (and the only wifi park) is Plaza Mayor and the tower. You can actually go up the tower and get an incredible view of the mountains surrounding the little village.


Museo Romanitco – built in 1740, this former colonial palace is filled with 19th-century antiques. You’ll find yourself hanging on the steps quite often as this is where the wifi park begins.


Casa De La Musica –Plopped in the middle of the center of Trinidad is this open air bar and music venue with live bands playing for pretty much free.

Book a horse ride to a tobacco and coffee farm. This costs us $20 each, which you book a day in advance for a full day of excursions.


Be ready for a bumpy ride – but the most stunning views of the Escambray Mountains. Get to know your horse as you’ll be riding it for a majority of the 5 hour tour. Dress comfortably, unlike me with my camera ready outfit.


Sugar Cane Farmthis is a quick rest stop where you get to grind sugar cane and enjoy the fruits of your labor with a complimentary juice at the end.

Tobacco & Coffee Field – you’ll get to stop at the field, meet the owner, roll your own Cuban cigar and taste some freshly made coffee!


Hoyo del Pilón  you’ll need to leave your horse at a stable stop and hike up to reach the natural pool. Make sure to have comfortable shoes, it’s quite rocky. I would bring a change of clothes, as you’ll need to hop back on the horse to ride back – it’s not so comfortable to do in wet clothes.


Disco Ayala/La Cueva – this is literally an underground nightclub in a cave. Very humid obviously but worth going! Everyone can direct you there, it’s about 15 a minute walk from the center.


Hang with locals. This is a given anytime you visit a new city, but especially in Trinidad I found that the locals were more than welcoming. A midst the largest of rain storms, strangers opened their homes for us to hide from the rain. They play music in the streets and invite you to join.


Make sure to check out the shops and grab homemade trinkets, art and Cuban fedoras.


Where to Eat

Bar Cafe Restaurante Giroud J&J – trendy little spot, cool decor, indoor swing at the table (always a plus for me). Everyone raved about the pizza, but I was on eating as much seafood as I could in Cuba.

Cafe Fortuna – walk up a narrow set of stairs to reach what most likely is the only place in Cuba that can makeshift an iced coffee. Perfect stop for a quick breakfast and Cortadito (an espresso shot with condensed milk).

Los Conspiradores Restaurante – taking the corner of the plaza, this restaurant is the perfect place to hear and see everything happening at Casa De La Musica while enjoying fresh seafood and other local dishes.


As always, wander.


6 thoughts on “9 Things To Do in Trinidad, Cuba

  1. Sandi says:

    Awesome article – thanks
    But the $200 fare is absolutely ridiculous as a working Cuban person makes $20-30 a month
    You certainly got taken i this case


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