Food Lover’s Guide to Tulum

Food Lover’s Guide to Tulum

Every health enthusiast and food conscious person’s dream is the variety of foods that this beautiful coastal town offers. From deeply rooted authentic Mexican dishes, fresh grilled Gulf seafood, super foods inspired acai bowls, locally harvested coffee, to tropical fruits. Tulum is one of the best places to tickle your taste buds.

There are two main “downtowns” in Tulum. There is the beach strip with ocean front restaurants, hotels and boutiques and there is the downtown main road market filled with shops and some more food. I tried to cover a combination of both, as it was nice to venture into the bazars and get a taste of local cuisine.

Here are the must go to stops for every hour of the day.


Ki’bok Café – this little shop quickly became a favorite. Mostly, because of their amazing variety of coffee – and iced coffee! Later found out that they have phenomenal food. I ordered the Chilaquiles, and they did not disappoint!


De Cielo – Trendy breakfast spot with an assortment of healthy foods. Everything was great, especially enjoyed the simple plates – pancakes, oatmeal porridge bowl and fresh fruit.


Ziggy’s Beach – this is a winner because of the serene ocean view in the morning. Try the Motuleños Styled Eggs. Thank me later.



Burrito Amor- you can’t go wrong with Burritos. And here you’ll have dozens of options to chose from. The burritos come warmly wrapped in a banana leaf!


Papaya Playa – Presentation is everything. And Papaya Playa sure knows how to get a food lover’s attention. Their appetizers alone were mind blowing. Order the crab hot cakes breaded in sesame and the sliders!


Ice Fresh Baby – in the midst of the humidity & heat everyone deserves an ice cream break. We loved Ice Fresh Baby because of their hospitality, kindness and delicious sorbet and cream based options. Distracted by the decor, I didn’t take any pictures of the actual ice cream.



Que Fresco! hands down the best deep fried Red Snapper I’ve ever had. The charred broccolini was delicious. The flank steak was to die for. But really, their assortment of fresh fish (available both grilled & fried) is an experience you do not want to miss.


La Popular @ Nomade Hotel the ambience is the perfect Tulum experience, dim lights, seating is right on the soft sand, live calm music and food is perfection. I got to choose the fish I wanted, ordered it grilled and chose two different sauces to be slathered side by side.


Don’t sleep on the street side slices of fresh coconuts and the floral mangoes with lime & chili.

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