How to Spend a Weekend in Baltimore!

Not your average weekend trip, one would think, but the secret venturing scene in Baltimore is a must! Of course I have to mention that a lot of these places are the newly gentrified hot spots in town, but you can’t deny that they’ve changed the dynamics in the city and are consistently hauling new comers in what used to be the not so great parts. We tried to focus on new and lesser-known parts of Baltimore, so there will be no mention of the famous Baltimore Aquarium or the main harbor – but they are still options for you! So, what is there to do in Baltimore?

The Avenue

Start at the Hampden neighborhood or more specifically 36th street also known as the Avenue. Enjoy a plethora of restaurants, boutiques, furniture stores and wellness center. Check out their calendar for upcoming events!


Direct your GPS to Stay Humble Tattoo Shop. No, we won’t be getting tattoos (unless you want to?), but this is the perfect space for visitor parking and you’ll also get a peak of two fun attractions.

The tattoo shop actually has a Stay Humble Baltimore Post Card mural right outside. Take a picture; this is your official initiation to the city!


A few feet away are two notorious sweets stores. You can choose between: Full Circle Artisan Palace and enjoy some fresh warm doughnuts with all kinds of toppings and an enchanted outdoor seat or stop by the Charmery for handcrafted ice creams made from locally sourced ingredients.


Walk further down the Avenue and you’ll see the famed and controversial Café Hon (featured on Chef Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares). Notice the large fabulously dressed flamingo statue outside.


Walk around the neighborhood a bit to get a taste of old Baltimore, the colonial style homes, the painted light posts and decorative streets.



A former auto body shop now a full on communal Food Hall, and deserves its own section.


Grab a fresh pressed juice from Stall 11, or indulge in their variety of vegetarian and salad options.


Check out BRD for their one of a kind battered and double fried chicken sandwiches.


Looking for some street style tacos? Amano Taco is the place. Or you can opt to a get a bowl!


Head out with a cold brew (coffee) in hand from Ground & Griddled. Make sure to try their very own punilla syrup!

There’s a pop up that changes quite often, this time around it’s a Netflix & Dill, an authentic Indian stall with combinations of Chicken Tikka Masala or Vegetable Masala bowls.

Before heading out of R. House, go to Guilford Avenue and check out Baltimore’s very own painted ladies and hidden neighborhood murals.




We have to feature a harbor after all. Fell’s Point is a hub of hip pubs, taverns, seafood joints, galleries and more. All of which line the cobblestone streets along the harbor and Broadway Square.


Relax a bit and take a ride on the open air Water Taxi. You can get a $16 on-off day pass to visit many of the neighborhoods or just enjoy the ride. The boat services Canton, Fell’s Point, Harbor East, the Inner Harbor, and Fort McHenry. Grab tickets here or pay as you go.


Climb the steep stairs at Woody’s Cantina for margaritas, a live DJ and best of all a view of the harbor. If you’ve schedule a Water Taxi that will depart within 30-40 minutes, this is a good quick stop!



Yes, we are climbing and burning off those calories from R. House. The peak of the park was actually occupied by troops in the 1800s and has remnants of the fort still standing. Climb to the top and get the perfect panorama of the harbor and a full view of the neighborhoods.


You’ll peak a vibrant mosaic building across from you! That’s our next stop. The American Visionary Art Museum. Displaying works by self-taught artists throughout its three historic renovated industrial buildings, sculpture gardens, and outdoor café.


Walk around the other side to get a shot of the star spangled tribute sidewalk. 


Is it sunset time?

There are two great places to watch the sunset descending upon the people of Baltimore.

The Sandlot

Of course, this depends on the time of year. But essentially this space is a massive sandlot with a playground for kids and a playground for adults with on the go drinks, quick bites and outdoor seating.


Topside at The Revive hotel

Next best option? Topside. Located at the top of a new boutique hotel, this casual chic bar has the best views of the city’s gleaming lights and perfect shot of the Washington Monument.


The Butter Indian Cauliflower was their most popular dish, but it was quite greasy. If you’re into a ton of batter this is for you. You can play a round of foosball, jenga or enjoy their garden room.


If you’re feeling creative, wander downstairs and check the many karaoke rooms. Each room is based on a decade and styled in that fashion – no surprise that they call them the B-Side Karaoke Rooms.


& that’s all B-more. Until next time. If you think of places that we’ve missed, let us know in the comments and will be sure to visit!

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