Most Instagrammable Food Spots in Budapest, Hungary

The food scene in Budapest is so diverse, that we’re dedicating an entire post to the upcoming gastronomy scene in Hungary. Here are some favorite – and the most instagrammable food spots. & if you’re in Hungary, make sure to check out full city guide of Budapest’s top attractions.


Törökméz– an epic brunch experience, and a good food option while in Buda. If you’re there in the summer time, they have a pretty outdoor terrace and the vibe is great.


Cinnamon –a cozy hole in the wall but worth the find. Cinnamon is a great breakfast spot serving Hungarian style French toast, porridge and pancakes! There’s limited seating so make sure to go early and reserve ahead of time.


Déryné Bisztró – ready for some fine dining in one of the most historical restaurants in the district? A favorite since it’s opening in 1914, and often visited by artists, actors, and the generally famous. Enjoy fresh bread in the morning accompanied by live classical piano players. Of course there’s a lot more than bread, but it’s worthy.


Bookta – a book worm? This is the perfect place to pose by literary marvels and grab a drink.



Dobrumba – in the heart of the Jewish Quarter is this restaurant serving up dishes from every country in the Middle East/Mediterranean. Make sure to try the Harissa soup – it’s delicious. This is another place where you want to grab a reservation since it’s always booked!


Horizont – a combination of contemporary food, specialty coffee, and trendy vibes. Insta-worthy dishes, but also tummy-worthy food! There are only five items on the menu but all equally delicious.


Getto Gulyas– when in Budapest, we eat goulash. A contemporary twist on traditional Hungarian food, Getto Gulyas serves up some of the best goulash in town – and have the most varieties we’ve seen on one menu. They even had vegetarian options!


Vintage Garden – a royal dinner experience in this vintage restaurant with excellent service. We loved this french style dining so much, we stopped by twice. If you’re not into all the flowers & pinks…stop by for some of the best dessert you’ll ever consume. The pistachio mille-feuille and the pomegranate creme extravaganza.


Mazel Tov – a large courtyard type of restaurant that serves popular Jewish dishes. It’s really an upscale beer garden with industrial/underground vibes.


Retro Langos – now we typically don’t recommend street food but this food stall beats everything else. The locals come here for the favorite dose of “langosh” or essentially a deep fried doughnut with sour cream, shredded cheese & an assortment of toppings. Want to get the typical dish? Choose a Hungarian Langos which has an added raw red onions & smoked sausage as toppings.


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11 thoughts on “Most Instagrammable Food Spots in Budapest, Hungary

  1. simplysarah says:

    You certainly make the food look appetizing! You made me hungry to go to Hungary… I’m going to keep Getto Gulyas in mind for the veggie options in a very meat-heavy region of the world!


  2. Cindy J. Baker says:

    So many cute places to eat in Budapest. I always like the literary places like Bookta and the fine dining option at Déryné Bisztró looks divine. Of course, that fried donut thing at the street food stall is calling my name.


  3. Nic Hilditch-Short says:

    These look like some incredible spots to eat, it makes me want to go back to Budapest straight away as we missed all of these!! ha ha. To be honest, street food is our jam… you should recommend it more often, so we would be all over Retro Langos!


  4. April Key Rode says:

    Wow I thought I will be interested to just one or two but you make me wanna try them all! Lol My favorite is the one with classic piano as I’m used to hearing my daughter practice her musical instrument in the morning would be perfect to hear a live classic in the morning🥰.


  5. Nitin Singhal says:

    Looked really beautiful and amazing places to have a meal. From your pictures, it looks Déryné Bisztró as a bit more of an upscale expensive restaurant. I liked the ambience and decor of Mazel Tov with all the lightning. Looks like a very romantic place to have dinner


  6. Yukti says:

    I love beautiful and colorful eating out options and these all look worth trying out in Budapest. Bookta looks interesting and it would be great to dine with books and also The Pest side is attracting my attention due to its Middle East cuisine.


  7. Danik says:

    For me I would love to check out Déryné Bisztró, the decor looks rustic and chick and the food looks yummy. Only been to Budapest once in my life and that was 12 years ago so I think a return visit is needed.


  8. Milijana says:

    You have certainly found some great restaurants in Budapest.
    I like to eat local food on my travels. I bet Déryné Bisztró has some great traditional Hungarian food! Anyway, Déryné Bisztró as a historical restaurant preferred by artists and arty souls sounds like a perfect place for me!


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